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23. 07. 2015

The battle of the drugstore eyeshadows! (Dun Dun Dun…)

   Finding quality/affordable eyeshadows is like finding GOLD! Don’t get me wrong, I love a good high end eyeshadow palettes with all of my heart! But when I can find something with high end quality & drugstore price, I feel like a kid on Christmas!

  My definition of quality is something that is pigmented, blendable, & good color selection. Some of the eyeshadows I chose meet all of these requirements, and some meet a couple of these requirements. Either way, these are eyeshadows that I consider to be my top picks! So keep reading to find out why these eyeshadows meet made my list!

Affordable Eyeshadows


Affordable Eyeshadows by ellebeebeauty featuring golden eye makeup

NYX Dream Catcher palette:($14.99) This was one of my first eye shadow palettes I EVER bought, so I could be a little biased. When I first got this palette, I didn’t have anything to compare it to, so I used the crap out of it. Now that I’ve expanded my horizons in the eyeshadow world, I wouldn’t say this is the best, but it’s certainly not the worse! It meets my needs for daily use, and it has a great mixture of matte/shimmer/sheen colors. It’s a perfect “starter” palette if you’re looking for something thats affordable and something you’re going to get use out of!

   NYX Prismatic Eyeshadows:($6.00/ea.) These are a fairly new eyeshadow from NYX that pack a HUGE punch. The pigment on these little guys are insane! These are perfect metallic shades that comes in a variety of colors. Perfect for the inner corner pop or to pack on the lid to make your eyes pop. Highly recommend these!

  NYX Avant Pop:($16.99) Okay, last NYX product, I promise! NYX is probably ones of my favorite drugstore brands, so get used to hearing about them in my posts. These are new eye shadow palettes that comes in 3 different color schemes. Seriously amazing high end quality eyeshadows that you can create SO many different looks with.

 (Side note: As most of you know, Ulta usually has NYX products for buy one get one 1/2 off. So keep your eyes peeled for that, and also $3.50 off coupon when you spend $10. You cant beat it!)

  E.l.f Studio Prism Eyeshadow:($10) This was such an impulse buy for me and it was one that I did not regret! There are 3 different palettes to choose from. I have the more natural colored one, but I’m eventually going to get them all. These are incredibly pigmented and smooth/creamy. I seriously can’t get over the quality of these for the price you pay. I will mention that there are no matte colors, they are all metallic based. None of them contain any chunky glitter, just a gorgeous sheen/shimmer. Just do yourself a favor and get this palette!

  Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow:($6.99/ea.) I almost didn’t include these in this post, only because I use these as eye shadow bases and not necessarily as an eyeshadow. But they’re a great product and marketed as an eyeshadow, so I threw them in the mix. They are a creamy consistency, so if you aren’t a fan of cream eyeshadows, these wont be for you. They have great pigment and come in all different colors. These are super long lasting and are great for using as an eye shadow base.

  Morphe Pro Makeup Palette:($19-23) If you’ve never heard of Morphe Brushes, you need to go over to their website PRONTO! All of their brushes and palettes are just as good, if not better than high-end brushes and palettes. It’s unbelievable the quality you get for the price you pay. I honestly have no idea how they make any money on their products. I just recently purchased 2 of their eyeshadow palettes (35T & 35D). The 35T palette has my name written all over it. It consists of matte/shimmer shades with a lot of plum/brown colors and warm tones. These shadows are SO creamy and pigmented. Dare I say that they might actually be comparable to the Naked palettes?! If you are tossing around the idea on buying a high end palette, but don’t want to fork out the moola, then buy one of these plates! You could buy TWO of these palettes and still not pay the price of ONE Naked palette. Trust me when I say you will not regret it!

  Wet n Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Collection:($3.99) I have no idea what took me so long to follow the hype on these, but I sure am glad I did! Not only are these extremely affordable but they meet all my requirements for an eyeshadow. These also come in 3 different color schemes with 8 shadows in each one. I purchased the “Comfort Zone” palette and the name of it couldn’t be more accurate. It’s a very “safe” palette, especially for beginners. It even tells you where to put in on your eyes! High quality fool proof eyeshadow palette is a win in my book.

L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow:($6.99/ea) I have 3 different colors in these and plan to get more! These are absoluelty STUNNING! They are sold individually and come in little pots. I would describe them as a pressed pigment with a super creamy consistency. I would recommend using your fingers to apply these to you eye lid and just pat them on. My favorite color so far is Iced Latte. It’s just perfect for an inner corner eye pop or pressed on top of the eye lid.

Let me know what your favorite eyeshadows are!

<3 LB

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