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It’s that gift giving time of year again! That time where we all try to be creative and think of the most amazing thoughtful gifts to give a person. I have such a hard time thinking of things to get people. Obviously I love all things makeup and beauty related, so this is where my gift giving ideas are endless.

These things can be for a friend, a mom, a grandma, a cousin, you name it! The makeup world really steps up their beauty game when the holidays roll around. The gift sets are a personal favorite, because you get so much for the value (Sephora makes some really good ones).

So here ya have it, a beauty lovers gift guide!

Beauty Lovers Gift Guide


  1. Philosphy Glowing Days Ahead Gift Set: ($89) This is one of my favorite skin care lines. I love when they come out with these value sets. I usually stock up on these for myself. They will last forever and you get to try so many different products. This would make a great gift for a mom, or grandma.
  2. Tarteist Contour Palette($45) New and hot off the press. Contour palettes have become quite a thing. I love that this one comes with a blush as well.
  3. Makeup Brushes: ($140) Theres a ton of different makeup brush sets you can choose from. Makeup brush sets are usually a pretty expensive but a necessary investment. These are little higher than normal, but these will last a long time. This is a great gift for someone who is just getting into makeup. Morphe Brushes also makes some really great quality and affordable brushes.
  4. Too Faced Melted Lip Stick Set: ($25) This is an awesome value and you get so many different colors. Great for anybody who loves some color on their lips!
  5. Boscia Perfectly Poreless Gift Set($39) This is actually a personal favorite and is on my wish list. I’ve been wanting to try this product. Once again, I love that it comes with a few other things to try as well.
  6. Sephora Favorites “Give me some lips” set: ($25) These Sephora favorite sets are generally a pretty awesome value. If you go to Sephora website and type in “Sephora Favorites” a whole bunch of different ones pop up. They range in all different price points.
  7. L’Occitane Hand Cream Delights: ($14) I’ve heard great things about this brand and their hand creams. Again, it’s a great value for all the ones you get.
  8. Eye Shadow Palette: ($54) I just put the Naked palette on here, because it does make a great gift. Honestly, there are a ton of great eyeshadow palettes on the market though. They make awesome gifts!
  9. Makeup Bag($20-50) Okay, so maybe they don’t need a Tory Burch makeup bag (However, this one is super cute). Any good makeup bag is a good thing to give as a gift. I personally can never seem to have enough..
  10. Urban Decay Eye Pencils: ($29) These are my all time favorite eye pencils and one full size version of these cost about $20. You get 5 smaller versions for $29! I love that they’re all different colors too.
  11. Sephora Favorites Superstars: ($75) Another Sephora Favorites gift set.. I just can’t say enough about these. These are great for people really into makeup and beauty products. They give you so many mini versions of things to try!


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  1. I loved this post! I think that you did a great job picking out amazing products that any beauty lover would appreciate! I had no idea that Melted was doing a gift set!!

  2. Cassie says:

    #4 ? Love this set! Thank you.

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