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I’m back today with a quick review on the new Maybelline Master Fix Setting Powder.

I also wanted to compare it to the Laura Mercier Translucent Setting Powder. Everyone seems to be comparing the Maybelline one to the LM powder, so I had to see what the fuss was about.

I happen to own both powders and have been wearing them side by side on my face to really put these to the test.



The Maybelline Powder is very finely milled and is super soft on the skin. It does a great job of keeping your makeup in place and setting everything. It is a white powder, but I don’t notice any white cast on my skin. It’s very light weight and invisible on the skin. It’s actually a lot lighter than the Laura Mercier powder.

Laura Mercier

I shouldn’t have to go too in-depth on the Laura Mercier Powder because it’s a beauty world favorite. It’s a great powder for keeping you matte all day long. It’s a great powder for setting under the eyes and all over the face.

I think these powders are VERY comparable and I would consider them to be dupes of each other. However, like most dupes, that doesn’t mean they’re EXACTLY the same.

The one major difference I see in these products is the color. Laura Mercier has a skin tone tint to it, and the Maybelline one is bright white.

I will also say, that for the amount of product you get compared to the price, Laura Mercer is surprisingly a better value.

You get 1 oz (29g) of the Laura Mercier Setting powder for $37. You get .21 oz (6g) of the Maybelline and that will cost you about $10. Obviously the Maybelline one is a lot cheaper, but not the best value. I would say if you were considering buying one, I would go all the way and get the Laura Mercier one.

The Laura Mercier is the winner in my books! I think the feel of the powder on the face is just so soft and velvety. Not to mention, if you were to buy the same amount of Maybelline powder (in oz), you would be paying more than just buying the Laura Mercier one.

No brainer!

Hope you all are doing fabulous! Talk to you soon.

<3 LB