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Well hello there!

Hope you all are doing fabulous! I had the most productive weekend of all time. I was able to scratch things off the to-do list that have been on there WAY too long. Did some laundry, cleaning, shopping, & spent some time with family & friends. I’ve also been busy trying to build up some content on my blog, so I can start posting twice a week. A lot easier said than done, but I’m working on it… All in all, a great weekend!

Back to business though, and I’m here with a new little series I want to do. I wanted to do a post on all my favorite beauty brands and favorite products from those brands. I figured that post would be WAY too long. So I thought about breaking it up instead.

The first brand favorite I’m gonna start with is, Maybelline! (If you couldn’t tell by the title)

When I first started brain storming all my favorite brands, Maybelline was the first one that came to my mind. I feel like every time I’m in the store, I go straight to the Maybelline section. I feel like their line is such good quality and compares to many high end brands. These products are products that are always found in my makeup collection. I’m not going to go super in depth with each one of these (Mainly because you’ve probably heard about them on my blog at some point.)


  1. Instant Age Rewind Concealer- This is a cult favorite. It’s not the greatest at concealing, but its a great light weight concealer for highlighting. I usually color correct with a concealer and then go over that with this stuff. It may seem silly to have that extra step, but it just brightens everything without looking like you piled on the makeup.
  2. Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lip color I think Maybelline really does a great job with any of their lip products. Their color selection is never lacking. I especially love their creamy mattes, because they are just that… matte and creamy. (Imagine that)
  3. Fit Me Concealer- One of my all time favorite concealers, hands down. That includes higher end concealers as well. This little tube of magic is just perfection. Creamy, pigmented, and it does the job. What more could you want?
  4. Fit Me Matte+Poreless foundation- I’ve talked about this foundation before. Another holy grail foundation for me. This keeps me matte all day. They also have a decent color selection in this as well.
  5. Lash Sensational Mascara- This is a new love for me. I didn’t originally think I would like this mascara, and I have no clue why. I tried it anyways, and to my surprise I really ended up liking it. It adds volume, separates my lashes, and I feel like it really grabs onto all of my lashes.
  6. Superstay Better Skin Concealer- Another great concealer by Maybelline. I haven’t used this as much as I want to (because I’m a concealer hoarder). But the times that I have used it, I’ve really enjoyed it.
  7.  Baby Lips Lip Balm- Of course this made the list! Love this stuff.. It doesn’t have the longest staying power, but it makes my lips feel and look moisturized!
  8. Instant Age Rewind Primer This is probably one of the most underrated products on this list. I don’t think I’ve heard anyone talk about this. I’ve just recently bought the Baby Skin primer (also made my Maybelline) but I honestly prefer this one. This one is the same silicone texture, but leaves my face feeling way less greasy. If you love the Baby Skin, you would love this even more.
  9. Master Hi-Light Powdered Bronzer/Blush- These are amazing!! I’ve talked about these before and I just love them. If you aren’t a fan of sheen on the cheeks or skin, you won’t like them. I think they give just the right amount, and I just adore these.

Maybelline is by far one of my favorite beauty brands. I can’t wait to continue this series and share more of my brand and product favorites. These are some of my favorite posts to read, so I hope you enjoy it!

Tell me what some of your favorite beauty brands! I love hearing from you all.

Enjoy your week!

<3 LB

9 responses to “Brand Favorite Series: Maybelline”

  1. Misia says:

    I have a lot of love for Maybelline too :)
    I just got into the Lash Sensational, and to be honest all the mascaras I’ve tried from them have been pretty good. I MUST try that concealer soon too, dunno why I’ve still not picked one up!

    Misia xx | gowashyourface.com

  2. Maybelline is one of my favorite brands! I use their Age Rewind Concealer every day, but I want to pick up the Fit Me and Better Skin concealers as well! I bought one of their matte lipsticks a few weeks ago, and I’m so obsessed with it. Such an amazing formula! This was such a great read! I’m so looking forward to this new series! :)

    Foundations of My Life

  3. Ellen says:

    I totally agree, Maybelline brings it! They just have great products. I love getting their products when there is a BOGO sale just so I can get more ha…

  4. I love this post, I’m tempted to go out and buy some Maybelline products now :)

    Also, I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Award, if you wish to participate, I’ve written all the questions in a new post, enjoy ♥


  5. Lucy says:

    I really love the Lash Sensational mascara too – I was sceptical at first because I’m totally into my Max Factor False Lash mascara, but I tried it on a bit of a whim to see what the fuss was about – I totally understand the hype and wear it most days now!!

    Ps, just found your blog – you’ve got a new follower! x

    Lucy Amelia | flawedfairytale

  6. Kimberlie says:

    I love the Hi-Light blushes- they are amazing!

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