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09. 07. 2015


My Makeup Travel Bag


My Makeup Travel Bag by ellebeebeauty featuring Smashbox



Hey guys, happy almost Friday! Today is my Friday & I am taking FULL advantage of some free time. I’m currently sitting here with a full glass of wine, computer on my lap, and Grey’s Anatomy on full blast. It may take me 5 hours to write this post, but this is my happy place, people! #multitaskingatitsfinest

     I plan on doing some traveling this summer/fall. So I figured I would get on here and share with you some of the things that I consider to be staples in my makeup travel bag. Mind you, we all use different products and have different “needs”. But I figured I would just give you a run down of what I put in my makeup travel bag to help you out! So here you have it:

Makeup removing wipes- These are like a no brainer thing to bring, but trust me, i’ve forgotten them many times. You never truly know how much you miss something, until you don’t have them with you! They usually sell overpriced travel size options, that are totally worth the space saving.

Tweezers- I own about 3 pairs of tweezers and yet never seem to have a pair around when I need them! Traveling is usually one of these times, so I always make sure to have one of these guys with me in my travel bag.

BB cream/foundation- I personally don’t use BB creams, but they are a better traveling option. However, I prefer using a moisturizer and then a foundation separately. So when I do pack a foundation I pack something that won’t take up a lot of space and something that wont break. I would still put this in a ziplock bag, to make sure it doesn’t explode everywhere!

Primer- I usually save any sample sized primer specifically for traveling. You could also check the checkout isle of Sephora (aka walk of death) for any travel sized primers. Primers are a must for me when traveling, so travel sized or not, they’re in my bag!

Mascara/eye lash curler- This is basically a life necessity, so does this even need explanation?

Concealer- This is another travel/life must for me. So throw it in the bag!

Setting Spray- Urban Decay conveniently sells their setting sprays in travel sizes. Usually when I’m traveling, I’m on the go most of the time. So I need my makeup to stay where I put it, ya feel me?

Eyeshadow Palette- My advice is to pick a palette you use on a daily basis. I know this can be tricky because us girls tend to think of every single reason to pack every single thing in our closet/bathroom (What if this, what if that..). My favorite is, Too Faced Natural Eyes palette. This palette is a go-to! Plus it’s in a nice little tin case to keep in protected. It’s perfect for day & night looks.

Brow Pencil- Because brows need to be on point at all times, mmmkay?

Eyeliner- Because it’s eyeliner!

Bronzer/Highlight/Setting powder- I know the contour kits might seem like it would take up a lot of valuable space in your makeup bag, but you’re basically covering all of your bases with one palette. I can easily bronze, highlight, contour, and set my face with this entire palette. (I always bring a separate setting powder compact) but still, 3 birds with one stone isn’t bad!

Makeup brushes- I always have a separate bag for these, but it’s important to include your makeup brushes! This is where is gets tough for me. I always think I’m going to need them all & just when I don’t bring one, I end up needing it. What I like to do is; when I apply my makeup the day of travel, I put each brush I use in the bag (and maybe a few randoms) just to make sure I have the ones I use on a daily basis.

   That wraps it all up! Thats my little checklist of things I like to pack when I’m about to ship out. Hope this was helpful!

Enjoy your weekend, everyone! :)


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