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Ohhh, YouTube…

The magical place that I discovered how obsessed I was with watching people do their makeup.

I remember the first time I went on YouTube and watched a beauty video. I was trying to find a new foundation to buy so I decided to search YouTube for some recommendations. The rest was history..

From that point on I found myself spending any spare time I had marveling at these beauty guru’s on YouTube. I watched a countless amount of makeup tutorials. They always made you feel like you “needed” everything they used. I swear, some of these YouTubers could tell me to rub dog food all over my face for some sort of benefit, and I would probably consider it. In all seriousness though, it really is what inspired me to get into makeup & start this here blog!

I am subscribed to SO many people on the Tube. There are certain people that I click on their videos almost instantaneously, despite what the video is even about. Most people reading this post are probably already familiar with the big named beauty guru’s and makeup artists on YouTube. However today, I want to share with you all a few of my favorite people to watch that have less than 500k subscribers.

These people, (in my mind) deserve a lot more subscribers than what they have. They create quality and interesting content and I just feel the need to introduce them to you!

So let’s do this!

aLoveTart // Her name is Mary and she was the first person I thought about when I was thinking of doing this post. The reason I enjoy her videos is for the simple fact that she keeps it real with her viewers. She’s very honest about whether or not she likes a product and why. She’s even mentioned before that she would rather have quality over quantity when it comes to her subscribers. She’s not looking to make it “big” in the YouTube world, and that its more of a hobby for her. I love that she is always herself in videos and doesn’t try to be like other YouTubers. She also has the most soothing voice. I usually save her videos to watch before I fall asleep at night. I generally don’t even make it through the whole video..

   JAMbeauty89 // Her name is Jessica Braun. I actually found the channel I just talked about above, through Jessica’s channel. I enjoy watching Jessica’s videos for almost the same reason as aLoveTart. She is very honest with whether or not she likes products. She will also come out and say whether or not she purchased items hers

 Whitney Hedrick // I stumbled across her  channel about a year ago. I will say, she doesn’t post super consistently but when she does post, its good stuff. I do know (via Snapchat) that she has recently quit her job and will be focusing more on her channel and freelance work. The reason I love her channel so much is her knowledge of makeup. You can really tell when someone knows what they’re talking about, and she most defiantly does. She gives great advice on pretty much anything makeup related.

 The Small Things Blog // You probably (like myself) will recognize her from Pins on Pinterest. She’s more known for hair tutorials and boy is she good. I will warn you, she makes you want to experiment with you hair at like 2 in the morning. She inspired me to start doing different things with my hair. Really enjoy her channel (and blog).

Brianna Fox // She’s probably the newest addition to my YouTube fam. She is a makeup artist and it sure does show. Her skills are unreal, and I don’t understand why she doesn’t have more subscribers!

ellebangs // Her channel is again, more geared towards hair. If you have license to do hair, you will find her channel very helpful. She does throw some beauty and lifestyle videos in her channel as well. When I originally found her channel, I went through and watched all her videos. She’s just someone I’ve followed for a long time and will continue to.

I did this post mainly because I love when other people introduce me to new You-tubers, so I thought you all could appreciate it as well!

I will be more than happy to do a post on my top 5 or 10 Beauty You-tubers of all time. Just let me know down below

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