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The battle of the drugstore highlighters!

I have recently (the past year) really been into highlighters. I have t-zone oiliness, so the thought of putting something ‘shiny’ on my face never seemed to make much sense to me. Until the day came where highlighting and contouring became ‘a thing’. So I gave it a shot and I’ve been addicted ever since. I have more highlighters than I’m willing to admit or ever use up. They’re all so similar, yet no two are the same. Which is what I love about them!

Drugstore brands have finally stepped up their highlighting game and have come out with some pretty good ones. The texture of drugstore highlighters (in my opinion) will never compare to most high-end ones. I will probably sound like a broken record, but almost all of these have a very dry feeling to them. Most high-end highlighters have a more creamy and smooth consistency. Either way, these work out well for me just as good as my high-end ones! So lets gets into it.

{I am ranking these. #1 being the best in my opinion}

#1. e.l.f Baked Blush (Pinktastic)- If there is one thing I’ve learned about e.l.f is that their products are multipurpose. For instance, I would never use this product as a blush. It has a gorgeous rose gold color to it, elfbut not enough pigment to be considered a blush. Don’t let the name fool you either. Although it has some pink in it, its more gold than anything. I have been using this one on the DAILY. It’s perfect for most skin tones. There is no glitter in it whatsoever, but it has the perfect sheen to it. I have had several people comment on my make-up when I wear this. I will say that since this is a baked product, it is super dry consistency. I’ve been told that they reformulated this to make it more creamy.

#2. Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips (Riviera Strip/Sand Bronzer)- pfOnce again, this is marketed to be a bronzer/blush/& eye shadow. I’m not into super shimmery bronzers, I’m more of a matte bronzer kinda gal. But I can definitely see this being used for that. This reminds me a lot of the Bobbi Brown Shimmer Bricks. Obviously the quality isn’t the same, but its the same concept. What I like so much about this is you can customize your own shade. If you’re more fair, you can use the lighter shades of the palette. If you’re darker skin toned, you can use the darker colors. Or you can pull a Lyndsay and swirl your brush all up in there and mix all the colors together. This particular color is more of a brown/neutral tone. This is one of the creamiest of all the ones I will mention.

#3. Wet n Wild Fergie Centerstage Collection (Rose Champagne Glow)- LOVE this one!! This has wet n wildbeen hyped about for a while and for a good reason. The name for this is perfect for describing the color of this highlighter. It’s VERY similar to the e.l.f one I just talked about. The only reason its #3 on my list is because it does have tiny flecks of glitter in it, which I’m not a fan of. But it doesn’t really transfer and show once on the face. Plus you can’t beat it for the price!

#4. Maybelline Master Hi-Light (Nude)-  I just recently talked about this in maybellinemy August Favorites, so I won’t go too in-depth. Again, this is marketed as a highlighting blush & I completely agree with that. If I’m in a rush, ill throw this on my cheeks to cover both bases. The only reason I put this in my “favorite highlighters” is because it’s definitely more of a highlighter than a blush. If you’re into shimmery blushes, you will love this line.

#5. Wet n Wild Coloricon Bronzer (Reserve Your Cabana)-  Okay okay.. Most of you are probably scratching your heads on this one.. This claims to be a “bronzer”and it most definitely is bronzerNOT. Don’t let this picture deceive you, its much lighter in person. This would be a great setting powder for my drier skinned gals. When you first look at this, you’re going to think I’m losing my marbles over here. It literally looks like a matte setting powder. So hear me out…. The reason I have this as one of my favorite highlighters is because it’s the perfect subtle (if you will) highlighter. It has this magical subtle sheen to it that just gives the skin a healthy natural glow. It has a very similar concept to the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders. You can focus this in certain areas you would normally highlight or use all over for a “glow from within” look.

What are your favorite drugstore highlighters? I’m always on the hunt for some good ones!

Hope you all had a good holiday weekend! Talk to you soon.

<3 LB

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