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Hey guys and gals!

Hope you all are having a good weekend. I’m trying to get back into the swing on things around here. I spent last weekend in Michigan visiting my family. I had such a good time with them. The temperature and weather was perfection. It was a nice change from the brutal heat and humidity in Florida. I love vacations for the simple fact of unwinding and unplugging from the real world for a bit. It’s always nice to get back into a routine though!


{Lake Michigan Sunset}

So enough with the recap, back to the makeup talk! Today I want to chat about my least favorite makeup product… foundation. Don’t get me wrong, I like to wear foundation. In fact, if I’m in a rush in the morning, i’ll choose doing my face makeup over my eye makeup ANY day of the week. I just think foundation is rather boring to talk about and read about. Usually people stick with what they like, and thats that! I have however, tried a lot of different types of foundations. So I want to give you a rundowon of what i’ve loved using.

To start, I do want to say that I have normal/oily skin (t-zone oily). I live in the south, and humidity and oily skin don’t mix well. If your like myself and have oily skin, these foundations should work great  for you.


1. Almay Clear Complextion Blemish Healing Foundation ($11.99)-This foundation was my ride or die almayfoundation back when I knew nothing about picking out the right foundation. I’ve probably gone through about 4 or 5 bottles of it in my lifetime. It still has a nice warm spot in my heart, but I have been using other foundations for no reason other than curiosity. The claims on this say it will help absorb oil. It has ingredients to help soothe skin’s redness. There aren’t a ton of shade options for this foundation, but I managed to find the perfect  color for my skin tone (I use Sand). It’s very light weight, blends out amazing, and covers what its supposed to. I will say, that a lot of the negative reviews revolve around this foundation not helping existing acne. In my opinion, no foundation is going to cure acne on the skin, but I do think this will help it from getting worse or clogging pores that will lead to new acne.

2. CoverGirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-In-1 Foundation ($11.99)-This is a newbie favorite for me. I picked this up at Ulta a few months back with their BOGO 1/2 off sale. I have really fell in love with this foundation for many different reasons, one being oil control. Which is strange because they don’t market itcovergirl as an oil controlling foundation. They claim for it to have a “built-in” primer and concealer, which I personally think is a little gimmicky. However, i’ve never tried using it without a primer or concealer. I do think the coverage is great without making it look like you wiped cake all over your face. It does have SPF in it, which is generally a plus. If you have oily skin, I highly recommend giving this one a try.

3. CoverGirl Ready Set Gorgeous Foundation ($7.99)-Don’t let the pcovergirl frice sway your thoughts on the quality of this foundation, it is no disappointment. Out of all of the foundations I would say this one has got to be top 2 on keeping the oil at bay. Its oil-free and helps keep shine and oil away all day! It’s very blendable on the face and the color selection is pretty good. Try it out!

4. L’Oréal Infallible Pro-Matte 24HR Foundation ($12.99)-Love love love this little tube of heaven. I’ve heard that this foundation is as good, if not better than some high end foundations. I don’t 300dabble in high end foundation very often, but i’m pretty sure they’re correct with that statement. This foundation is a demi-matte finish, which means it will keep you matte, without making you look like a porcelain doll. It will still give you a nice natural glow, yet still absorb oil. This is a medium coverage foundation with a not so good color selection. Thecolors of these foundations are very yellow toned,  so be careful when you’re picking out your color. I wouldn’t recommend this for fair skin.

5. Maybelline FIt Me Matte + Pore less Foundation ($7.99)-Just do yourself a favor and go stock up of this stuff, pronto! Even though this is last on my list, it is #1 in my heart. I’m constantly grabbing for thi300s foundation over anything else. This is an oil-free foundation that not only does it mattify the skin AND minimizes the looks of pores. I can honestly say, that this foundation paired with the Stay Matte setting powder is a dream team duo. It blurs pores and keep you matte all day.

Tips to help with oily skin:

-Wash your face before applying anything. It’s always a good idea to start with a clean slate.

-Make sure that whatever you’re using to apply your foundation (hands, brushes, sponge etc.) is clean! I can’t stress this enough.. You don’t want to be rubbing bacteria thats on your hands/brush, onto your face. That will just cause breakouts.

-Start with an oil-free moisturizer (preferably with SPF)

-Consider using a primer, its helps with keeping your makeup on longer and will help mattify your face. It also creates a barrier from your skin to the foundation.

-Set your foundation/concealer with a powder (preferably one that will mattify). It helps keep your makeup in place and will help with oil.

-Make sure you’re using products on your face that say “oil-free”. You don’t need to be adding oil to an already oil-prone face. Oil clogs pores, clogged pores turn into pimples/blackheads.

Hopefully my fellow oily skinned gals found this helpful! Let me know what your favorite foundation are for oily skin. I would love to give them a try! Talk to you soon!

<3 LB

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